A lovely Saturday afternoon, on June 22nd 2019, at Kongressbad Vienna.

This summer czirp czirp invited pool guests and music audiences to a public pool Vienna Ottakring for an afternoon of swimming, music and sound. We had it all: ☀️💦⛈🔥. We loved it all: reviving teen-memories with Ferry Kovarik, recreating with Hui Ye, bubbling with Benjamin Tomasi, being blown away by Elisabeth Schimana and waving in the winds with Magnetoceptia.

#radioresistance // Reflecting the history of Kongressbad and its neighborhood in conversation with contemporary witness Ferry Kovarik. Images by Joe Albrecht.
Performance // Hui Ye: Water Ritual – the pool session.
Performance // Benjamin Tomasi: Narziss und Echo im Blubberbad (close-up).
Performance // Benjamin Tomasi: Narziss und Echo im Blubberbad.
Sonic Picknick // Elisabeth Schimana
Elisabeth Schimana
Picknik set-up and record collection with chansons.
Performance // MAGNETOCEPTIA : Crinolettes – Gyration Resistance (Patrizia Ruthensteiner).
Performance // MAGNETOCEPTIA : Crinolettes – Gyration Resistance (Dewi de Vree).

Background: In continuation of its history as social and cultural meeting point, as well as radio station “Radiokoje” into the 1980s, we seek to update and revive its significance. The pool and its surroundings will become a platform for musicians, performers and sound artists to present and engage with this unusual setting. Especially modern music and twentieth century’s electronic avantgardes explored waters in all aggregates and challenged musics by experimenting with it: melting, distorting, dissolving and undulating of forms. This is where we continue, and expand the sonic experience by the pool.

HISTORY (German)

This event took place in cooperation with IGNM – International Association for New Music and MA44 – Städtische Bäder Wiens.

Supported by the City Council Vienna MA7 Musics as well as the generous support of The Head of District Franz Prokop (Ottakring).