Magnetoceptia // Aerial Mast Sunset Performance, Tetterode Amsterdam 2016


Transdisciplinary artists Dewi De Vree (Den Haag/NL) and Patrizia Ruthensteiner (Vienna/AT) have developed a new sound performance in reference to the former radio station ‘Radiokoje’ that ran at the pool until the 1950s. As art collaboration Magnetoceptia, the artists will catch electromagnetic waves in the air with body sized antenna. The layers of noise serve as raw material for their musical composition. Their choreography refers to optical and acoustic communication systems from deep sea navigation. Thereby merging visual communication over water and the invisible waves in the air, the basin’s sounds are carried beyond its borders.

Foto: Reinhard Mayr


Since the 1980s the musician and composer Elisabeth Schimana has been active as one of the Austrian female pioneers of electronic music with projects marked by a radical approach and equally unconventional aesthetics. (Read more…)

Schimana’s award-winning and internationally performed work spans the gamut of composition and free playing, is inextricably bound to her as a live performer, makes reference to historical positions, but resists all attempts at categorization, and stands out, strikingly and reduced, with tremendous intensity. (Text: Milena Meller)

She invites the pool guests of this year’s CLUB RADIOKOJE to a musical picnic on the green.

Benjamin Tomasi // DOCCIA – Aloha Amalienbad Version (2018)


Media and sound artist Benjamin Tomasi’s subject is elemental substances. Aggregate, temperature, movement and process influence his artistic works, as well as the question, how they integrate site-specifically. He produces sound installations, videos and sculptures that engage with their environments poetically—for example, rendering the movement of the wind into sound or making chemical processes audible. Human networks, participation and playful moments equally find their place in these settings.

With the help of voluntary pool guests and colorful drinking straws, Tomasi will mix up the ancient myth of the ill-fated love between Narcissus and Echo in a bubbling composition.


Hui Ye’s works span across video, sound, installation, performance and music. With her background in composition and new musics, as well as visual arts, she compounds the exploration of time-based media in sound and moving images into electroacoustic compositions. The Chinese artist, born in Canton, lives since 2003 in Vienna/Europe. Hui Ye carefully observes her personal environment, reflecting and mediating her intercultural identity. How it is shaped by cultural and political contexts is a vital issue in her work.

For CLUB RADIOKOJE Hui Ye developed a waterproof aqua-meditation as radio play that will let the audience immerse in the deep blue spectrums of consciousness.