According to research on life expectancy in the western industrialized nations, we gain around 5 hours living time per day (!!!). Thanks to medical innovations and nutrition, but, of course, at the expense of cheap human and natural resources.

This excess of living time means that we can easily take one day off during the week to focus on ways how to shape our immediate surroundings and life on earth sustainably better. Protesting on Fridays is totally legitimate. We’ll simply catch up!

czirp czirp additionally claims Tuesday, December 31st as MUSEDAY:

Spread the word to anybody who could be interested in submitting to CLUB RADIOKOJE!

We look forward to a variety of ways of artistic and intellectual engagement and expression until January 6th 2020!

CLUB RADIOKOJE was established in 2018 in continuation of the history of the public pool Kongressbad Vienna as cultural meeting point, ever since its completion during the Red Vienna period. Back then, the pool’s own radio station “Radiokoje” was an essential facility to access music and played the newest Jazz records. During the NS-regime, its function was to subvert the ban on hedonistic indulgence and expressed a form of resistance. Within this framework, we update and expand the notion of cultural events by the swimming pool and open the multiplicity of musical modulations through water to a broad public.

WELCOME FOR SUBMISSION: Site-specific concepts; ideas reflecting the history and cultural aspects of the bath and bathing; experimental approaches aiming to liquify the experience of sound; music compositions from genres of (under)water musics; speculative and wet dreams dealing with the underwater world as ecological habitat; narratives of immersion and flow.  

This call asks for projects for the next editions of CLUB RADIOKOJE in June 2020 and 2021. Budgets and realization will be subject to further stages in the selection and planning process.

Fair play, fair pay!

A project by czirp czirp – sonic and experimental arts in cooperation with IGNM – International Society for Contemporary Music.