Monday, June 6th 2012

Acoustic concert in Vienna with

Singer and Songwriter / Noise Pop Saboteur

czirp czirp @ the street



EMPEROR X is Lo-Fi Folk singer C.R. Matheny from Los Angeles. His music has been compared with fellow American singers such as Dan Deacon or folk pioneer Daniel Johnston, but distinguishes and stands out with very own sonic aesthetics of positive and highly energetic lyrics as well as an unusual handling of his musical output: Along his travels he buries his master tapes in order to publish the GPS coordinates on his site for his fans to find.
Already gabbing the attention of labels such as Pitchfork, Tiny Mix Tapes and NPR with his sing along tunes and unusual performances often in urban public spaces, czirp czirp is looking forward to a mild July night in Viennese streets with this wonderful artist.

EMPEROR X on Bandcamp