Club Radiokoje 2018


Czirp czirp is planning a series of events showcasing at the historical public pool Kongressbad in Vienna. The program continues the history of music and dance afternoons that took place from the pool’s opening in 1928 until the late 1960s, when motorization and the popularity of home entertainment replaced the need of this domestic retreat and space for social encounter.

During the Nazi-Regime, the afternoons at the pool were expressions of resistance when forbidden jazz records were played and pool guests were dancing to Lindy Hop and Swing. After WWII the allies established a radio station in one of the pavilions right by the water. DJs played the newest rock and roll music, which inspired a post-war generation to overcome the previous reign of terror and inhumanity.

Several older inhabitants in the neighborhood still remember these events as Radiokoje.

In an updated guise as “Club Radiokoje”, we aim to give public access to the vibrant and sonorous expressions of current artists and musicians by presenting music performances. In times of growing xenophobia czirp czirp wants to offer a platform of engagement and cultural interaction.

We will reactivate former collaborations with artists, but reach out primarily to exchanges with colleagues from Bratislava, Budapest, Prague and Brno. We are curious what is happening in our extended neighborhood.

This concept has been submitted for public funding at MA7 and we are currently looking for additional sponsors to support and secure the quality of the event. The artists should not be left empty-handed!