Track list: SONIC WATERS 2018
Vanuatu Womens Water Music // Tod Dockstader: Water Music (Drone; Two Fragments From Apocalypse; Water Music, 1966) // Patrizia Ruthensteiner: Pool Recording (2018) // Serge Gainsbourg: Cargo Culte (Histoire de Melody Nelson, 1971) // Yoko Ono: Walking On Thin Ice (1981) // John Cage: Water Music* (1952) // Yves Daoust: Water Music (Musiques Naïves, 1998) // Roberto Musci & Giovanni Venosta: Water Music (Water Messages On Desert Sand & Urban And Tribal Portraits, 1990) // Róisín Murphy: Dear Miami (Overpowered: 2007) // Robert Fripp (Frippertronics): Water Music II (Exposure, 1979)

* Water Music (1952) is originally composed for a pianist, using also a radio, whistles, water containers, a deck of cards, a wooden stick and objects for preparing a piano. This is version adapted for a percussionist, created and performed by Luís Bittencourt (2013?).