Czirp czirp is an independent cultural project supporting, producing and communicating experimental music, sound art and visual expression.

The aim of czirp czirp is to present artistic approaches in which one encounters the echo of digital evolution, that develop unique syntheses of new media and artistic thought within their works, that continue where reflections on media end and utilize participatory concepts, imparting these ideas to the public through transient mediums like music, performance and happenings.

The roll of the project as a platform is to open a vibrant scene of un-institutionalized and experimental art towards a young intellectual scene and a broad public in order to connect groups, ideas and sciences, to communicate contemporary key aspects of media usage to the public, develop sustainable strategies for future artist productions and to bring international and local artists together.

As ephemeral bird sing in the air czirp czirp is thought as a nomadic and non-regular cultural project joining the arts, encouraging exchange and initiating new works on the long run.
It communicates through single events and distributes news on what is happening within different fields.