Benjamin Tomasi (AT) & Michael Mandl (AT) / NARCISSUS AND ECHO

This experimental music video with 3-D animation by Michael Mandl references Caravaggio’s famous painting of Narcissus (1597-99), and combines it with Benjamin Tomasi‘s bubbling composition of underwater sounds. It tells the story of Narcissus’ infatuation with his own reflection by updating its solitary atmosphere with a collective that is mirroring itself and melting as liquefied subjects. As a metaphor of our anthropocentric delusion that keeps us from realizing our embeddedness and dependence on nature and its cycles, we are invited to reflect ourselves as the ones constantly mirroring ourselves.


czirp czirp member Milena Georgieva aka Yuzu develops soundscapes that speculate a kind of archaic digital psychology. She joined forces with visual artists Louise Linsenbolz and Thomas Wagensommerer, alias TE-R for this music video.

In their post-digital interpretation of the ‘Oceanic Feeling’ at the interface of our seemingly boundless physicality as liquefied subjects in cyberspace, Yuzu explores dissonances and resonances within the heterogeneous matters of the ‘real’ and ‘virtual’. Synthesizing influences from digital cultures (from William Gibson’s “Neuromancer” to the Yahoo! yodel jingle) and traditional instrumentation (clarinet and Kaba gaida), she establishes cross connections between everyday experiences, folklore and the transcended mind in a digital ether. 

Sound: Yuzu (Milena Georgieva). Animation: TE-R (Louise Linsenbolz + Thomas Wagensommerer). Clarinet and Kaba gaida: Johannes Steinmann.

Angélica Castelló (MX) & Meritxell Colell Aparicio (SP) / SENTIMIENTO OCEANICO

Musician Angelica Castello teamed up with filmmaker Meritxell Colell Aparicio for a video of her Tuba Piece released in 2013 on “Silvertone e il sentimento oceanico”. As a metaphorical approach that envisioned a shimmering vessel gliding over an ocean of passing memories, Angelica had transposed us into a deep sea of multiple feelings. Now, the cross-Atlantic cinematic poet, Meritxell renders this in images. An ode to the percolating of memories and psychic landscapes, this music video mingles acoustic and visual impressions of what lies beneath the threshold of consciousness.

Enrika Myskovskaja (LT) & Alexandra Maciá (ES) / HYDRAMORPHOSIS

Hydramorphosis, a collaborative project by audiovisual artists Enrika Myskovskaja and Alexandra Maciá, explores the supply chains of underwater ecosystems in a sonic way. Comprising a multitude of visible and invisible actors, the patterns of intertwined underwater cycles provide the structure for a musical score. Thus, the processes of this hidden world are made perceptible.

Merja Kokkonen (FIN) & Felicity Mangan (AUS) / I FEEL MY HEAD IS UNDER WATER

Merja Kokkonen (FIN) and Felicity Mangan (AUS) uncover human and animal soundscapes. By meandering musically through bio-acoustic recordings and techno beats, they draw attention to the entanglement of humans and their environment. The duo references and alters thoughts from Rainer Maria Rilke’s poem “Childhood” (1906) to trace back the lost feeling of ‘living in the world of things and creatures as something human’.

Curator: Lona Gaikis
Graphic Design: Milena Georgieva
Web Design: Alain Pitiot

This project is realized in cooperation with ISCM – International Association for Contemporary Music, Vienna.

Supported by the Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport, the City Council of Vienna, AKM and Austro Mechana, LSG (Protection of Ancillary Copyrights) as well as the Head of District Franz Prokop (Ottakring).