Deadline: January 6th 2021 with your

  • Artistic CV (short)
  • Project Proposal
  • Estimated technical needs and expenses (Excel)

Please send as PDF (3 pages max.) via e-mail headlined “CALL FOR COMPOSITIONS” to


Magnetoceptia: Crinolettes – Gyration Resistance (2019). Photocredit: Stephan Brückler.

The societies czirp czirp – sonic and experimental arts and the International Society for Contemporary Music encourage professionals to develop new pieces for public pools or to suggest the reinterpretation of established compositions for CLUB RADIOKOJE 2021.

CLUB RADIOKOJE was established in 2018 as a continuation of the history of the public pool Kongressbad Vienna. It has been a cultural meeting point and location for dancing events ever since it was built during the Red Vienna period. Its own radio station “Radiokoje” was an essential facility for accessing music and played the latest Jazz and popular music records. During the NS-regime, its function was to subvert the ban on hedonistic indulgence, expressing a form of resistance. Within this framework, we update and expand the notion of cultural events by the swimming pool and introduce a variety of water-based musical modulations to the broad public.

WELCOME FOR SUBMISSION: Site-specific concepts; ideas reflecting the history and cultural aspects of the bath and bathing; experimental approaches aiming to liquify the experience of sound; music compositions from genres of (under)water music; speculative and wet dreams dealing with the underwater world as ecological habitat; narratives of immersion and flow.  

We are calling out for project proposals for the next edition of CLUB RADIOKOJE in June 2021 and the following year 2022. Budgets and realization will be subject to further stages in the selection and planning process.

Fees for performing artists will be granted according to the budget. Fair play, fair pay.

Decisions will be made until the end of January 2021.

Our aim is to represent the diversity of internationally performing artists and to maintain a balanced ratio of gender representation.


DETAILS: CLUB RADIOKOJE continues the history of regular public and cultural events at Kongressbad that took place between 1928-1987 until more exotic holiday destinations became affordable and replaced regional recreation and meeting facilities. In the context of music history, CLUB RADIOKOJE references the genre of Water Music and sonic experiments by twentieth century’s avantgarde. We continue to challenge music’s form through liquifying and warping processes and its transformation into other aggregates. Our aim is to emancipate artists and audiences by relocating pieces that are usually performed in concert halls and engaging the public with unexpected artistic impulses and interventions.

Find more information on CLUB RADIOKOJE and #radioresistance.