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"Unpool" reflects on a field of research referred to as the biotic pump. It describes the dynamic relationship between forests and oceans, and how human disruption is degrading these ecosystems.

By layering this notion onto the urban site of Kongreßbad, the artists see a counterpart in the water basin and its companion, the grass field by the artificial pool. As an antithesis of a living ecosystem, these two areas are separated from one another by concrete structures. This becomes a metaphor for the modern and cultural impulse to impose order and isolate elements from their natural context. A human trend that breaks cooperative, nurturing and self-sustaining relationships, and needs to be critically reflected upon.

The graphics in the video are indirect references to cycles of water, weather and energy. Blue waves represent the ocean waves as well as ocean levels or storm cycles. The two circles in the centre of the composition represent the two topographic sides of the planet as well as the harmonic frequencies of the earth's temperatures. Images of forest fires and polluted oceans were fed into an AI process, resulting in software-generated impressions of these environments.


About the artists

Jasmine Guffond is an artist and composer working at the interface of social, political and technical infrastructures. Her practice spans live performance, recording, sound installation and custom-made browser add-ons. Through the sonification of data she addresses the potential for sound to engage with contemporary political questions. Her recent projects employed digital technologies and the anesthetization of data as a means of fostering discussion around contemporary topics, as well as producing experimental audio works.

Ilan Katin is a visual artist specialized in non-figurative drawings and data visualization. He has been working with Jasmine Guffond to develop live visual artworks for many years. As of 2018, Ilan Katin has been involved with the blockchain art community and is at the forefront of the newest methods for digital processing.