From the series "For Your Ears Only" by Arnold Haberl.

Written in 2009, and performed on site in May 2020.

As the title of this series suggests, "Shower Song" is audible only to the interpreter, and should therefore be conceived as a solo-auditive-piece.The composition explores the physical sound effects of water showering on the interpreter's head. By impacting different areas while the interpreter modulates by covering and uncovering their ears with their hands, this piece offers a very private and relaxing sound experience.

The score is ready to download as an unlimited edition here


About the artist

The composer, sound-artist and cellist Noid/AKA Arnold Haberl regards his work as fundamental artistic research that finds expression in various forms. Ranging from improvised cello-solos and compositions for ensembles, to sound-installations, videos and imaginary music, his work involves both electronic and hybrid instrumentation. Noid contributed as a programmer for the freeware "ppooll" and the online performance platform "echoraeume".