This sono-choreographic work examines the complex emotional and auditory consciousness of whales and brings their ancient form of long-distance communication into the public pool.

The sound in all five videos of this mini-series was recorded live during sessions of Alex's aquatic yodeling practice. Vocal sounds above and under water are transmitted without effects or edits directly into the camera’s microphone. Alex's sonic explorations warp pure voice with the water's fluid texture.

"aquatic yodeling" gives us a glimpse into what to expect from Alex's solo performance "Wet Dreaming at 52 Hz", which will be performed as part of czirp czirp's program in 2021.

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About the artist

Alex Franz Zehetbauer is a singer, sonic choreographer, and performance artist. His work is centered around the voice as an agent of dance, often placing its aqueous body in uncanny or overwhelming structures. His underwater and a cappella singing practice comes from an engagement with cetacean* communication, sonar & aquatic acoustics, and the psychophysical effects of water.

*of or referring to aquatic mammals like whales and dolphins