The artist duo Wechselstrom (Christoph Theiler and Renate Pittroff) develops instruments for electronic sound production and modulation. Their video art work "Liquid Pool" uses so-called "fluid controls", which generate electronic impulses based on liquids (water). The basic principle of these instruments lies in the fact that water solutions have specific ohmic resistances. Electronic impulses are generated depending on the liquid’s density, the depth of immersion of the wires and the distance between the electrodes. They can be used to distort synthetic sounds and digitized media.

"Liquid Pool" uses this technique to alienate and deconstruct the video and audio material taken on-site in May, before the pool was opened.


About the artists

Founded in 2004 as a project by Christoph Theiler and Renate Pittroff, wechselstrom deal with the peripheral areas of art at the interfaces of sociology, communication science and technology, and are located with their own office space in Vienna’s 16th district.

Designing works for theatre and radio play, wechselstrom are active in interdisciplinary fields such as sound installation, media art and social sculpture.