czirp czirp – sonic and experimental arts, together with the city designer and architect Georg Wieser (x04x) and the sound designer and composer Gustavo Petek (smallforms), wants to develop a mobile infrastructure for experimental music and sound art. Using a bicycle trailer, the necessary equipment for a sound performance as well as its presentation will be made available to enjoy sound and musics away from the hustle and bustle of public plazas.

COVID-19 has suddenly shown us all how valuable nearby public space is. During the 2020 lockdown, visits to the museum and concert events were hardly possible. Large gatherings of people suddenly became a problem. One’s own neighborhood became the no. 1 holiday destination with picnics in the park or bike tours around the city’s districts. Even if such drastic measures will no longer be necessary in 2021, the appreciation of the proximate residential environment remains current. At the same time, we ask ourselves how art can be presented outside familiar places of concert halls and stages, and which synergies are to be created with our respective urban and natural environments.

SONIC CELL intends to open up free spaces in the city zone. We find our spaces in residential streets and available parking areas, where, according to traffic regulations (STVO §76), no permit is required for temporary and private use.


We see the need for outdoor infrastructures that allow contemporary electronic artists to perform concerts in public spaces during the summer months. Furthermore, these performances help to reach a new public outside the scene and to explore new artistic formats.


SONIC CELL aims to activate neighborhoods and tap into a new audience by delivering art to their doorstep. Despite COVID-19 regulations, however, we recognize that there is more space for art and culture in the city than expected. From our so far experience with unusual performance venues for music(s), czirp czirp sees both, the potential for musicians to leave their usual habitat, and a moment of insight for the audience, which is introduced to something new. We want to promote this dialogue.