August 12th 2021, 20:00

Schlesingerplatz 1080 Vienna

Artists: Brigitta Bödenauer (AT), Katharina Klement (AT)

Enchanting urban landscapes with electroacoustic music:
SONIC CELL plants sound in public space.

SONIC CELL seeks ways to conquer city spaces. We find our locations in parking areas in residential streets. Here – according to traffic regulations (STVO §76) – no permit is required for temporary and private use.

czirp czirp – sonic and experimental artsRAD Performance (Conny Zenk) and the sound designer and composer Gustavo Petek (smallforms), are developing a mobile infrastructure for experimental music and sound art. It makes it possible to quickly transform urban spaces into temporary venues for multi-channel compositions.



Photo credit: © Gustavo Petek 2021

Brigitta Bödenauer has been active in Vienna’s noise and experimental scene since the early 1990s. Her compositions are very much driven by her fascination with the physical presence of sound and its material aspects. Organic textures, sustained tonal sounds, ambient soundscapes, broken melodies, precisely punctuated silences and heavy bass are carefully constructed – sometimes dark or melancholy, then tranquil and bluntly dissociated. 

Her composition weaves abstract and almost figurative musical form into complex sonic textures. She will be performing material from PARASOLEK NIE SKŁADAMY/We won’t close our umbrellas (Poland, 2017) at Schlesingerplatz.


Photo credit: © Conny Zenk 2021

Composer Katharina Klement lives and works in Vienna. She selected her piece suite pour une femme seule (solo) especially for the performance on Schlesingerplatz. Klement uses the traditional Austrian string instrument zither to mediate between instrumental and electronic sounds.

If Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry invented a ‘symphony pour un homme seul’ in 1950, I feel the need to launch a ‘suite pour une femme seule’ 70 years later.

The piece was released on vinyl in 2020 by Ventil Records, Vienna.

A collaboration with RAD Performance (Conny Zenk) and smallforms (Gustavo Petek).
Supported by MA 7 Stadtteilkultur und Interkulturalität Wien.