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21. October 2018, 16:00-0P3N 3ND

Leaving off from their immersive experiences at techno temple Berghain Berlin, authors Jorinde Schulz and Kilian Jörg discuss in DIE CLUBMASCHINE the ambiguity of emancipation and synchronization within the heterotopia of rave culture. Not only does this book report of the subjective experience in movement in the crowd, but also analyzes sociological phenomena connected to a world of transgression. It further reflects this in philosophical context.

“I want to be a machine. Arms to grab, legs to walk, no pain, no thought.”

This dictum of the musically and performatively extended book reading that will accumulate in a club night resonates Heiner Müller’s protagonist from Die Hamletmaschine (1977), and had been taken up by Blixa Bargeld (vocals) in Thomas Brinkmann’s seminal track Maschine. While Brinkmann’s release on Totes Rennen (1998) could be seen as prophetic evocation of today’s Cybernetic Cultures coming true, DIE CLUBMASCHINE aims to recapture and question the soothing meditation and promise of being in sync with a universalizing ‘Technotopia’.

Jorinde Schulz & Kilian Jörg:


Live: lena:k SOUNDSELFIES (AT) // Tardigrade (FR)
DJs: Wittgenstein (Laissez-Faire),
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KLN (AT), Leclerc (Tongue /AT)

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