Christina Gruber, International Cloud Atlas, vol. III (2022). C-print on towel lying on scorched ground.



This year’s edition of CLUB RADIOKOJE engaged water sonically, materially and ecologically.

Drawing from philosopher of fluidity Astrida Neimanis’ book, Bodies of Water (2017), we’re back with an offline event at one of Vienna’s oldest public pools, Kongreßbad.

As beings mainly composed of—and in need of—watery flows, four different artistic approaches invite us to reflect on our relationship towards this vital substance. We are deeply embedded in waters of various forms and cycles, yet it is polluted and carelessly wasted. This year, we watch it evaporate in drought before our eyes.

Artists: Christina Gruber (AT), Zosia Hołubowska (PL), Ж Ignashev (AT), MS Mutt (AT), Aloïs Yang (TW/FR).

September 3. 2022, 13:00-18:30 @Kongreßbad, Julius-Meinl-Gasse 7A, 1160 Vienna.

Artist info here.


3. September 2022, 13:00-18:30

Curator: Lona Gaikis

Graphics: Milena Georgieva

Sound: Laurenz Forsthuber

Photographer: Maximilian Pramatarov

This event is realized in cooperation with the Austrian Section of The International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM), which celebrates its centenary in 2022.