Philosophy Unbound # 9: Music

To the Flesh. How the Body Makes Sense through Musics.

Words and numbers can mediate and preserve ideas or information, but it is only through interpretation that we access meaning to these slippery signs. Apart from our refined semiotic systems, that connect an object to its use as well as its position in the world, there lies a fundamental yet invisible layer, which lets us comprehend this world of things as a community, in an instant – we say intuitively.

The musics might be a key to unlock the question how we actually find the right feel to these meanings. Music entrains – sometimes entrances – the bodies and minds, and lets us actively encounter and organize the world apart from a system.
As long as there is music there is a need for the human body.

All rights Lona Gaikis.

This lecture from Friday, April 8, 2016 took place at Philosophy Unbound’s fine event on MUSIC.

Spektakel, Hamburger Straße 14, 1050 Vienna.