Image: Aled Ordu, 2023.

Ukrainian-born and Berlin-based musician, composer and visual artist Zavoloka devotes her artistic practice to orchestrating uncompromising experimental music, free from genre-dependent definitions or styles. Her work stems from a strong conceptual base to unveil forms that are more than simply music. The boundlessness of artistic freedom is made manifest through her unique combination of traditional and mechanical elements. Zavoloka produces grand sonic experiences that trigger various emotions and entice these to be expressed through movement.

Tahereh Nourani

Image: Aled Ordu, 2023.

Vienna-based composer and sound artist Tahereh Nourani studied classical flute at the Art University of Tehran and the MDW Vienna. Nourani’s music is not subject to a preset dramaturgy, rather, it flows. For her, sound is the beginning of a journey of musical discovery. Her use of free improvisation, unconventional playing techniques, minimal live electronics and a deliberately slow approach creates reduced, post-minimalist to archaic sound architectures. The stroke of a touch, the breath of a sound, the rhythm of language and whispering melodies interweave ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) and noise in impressive musical experiences.

Clara Oppel

Image: Gernot Muhr

Breathing Landscapes

Sound and media artist Clara Oppel transforms the water surface of the Kongreßbad into a breathing membrane with her site-specific sound installation. Her multichannel set up invites us into an anthropomorphic sound experience.

Clara Oppel graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, as a master’s student of Diet Sayler. She completed her postgraduate studies in media art at the HfG Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design and was Bruno Gironcoli’s artistic assistant for many years.

Wet Dreaming at 52 Hz

Image: Aled Ordu, 2023.

The sono-choreographic performance Wet Dreaming at 52 Hz by Alex Zehetbauer and Christian Schröder moves between dance choreography and sound performance. The piece explores the complex emotional and auditory consciousness of whales, whose song moves through the seas at the frequency of 52 Hz.

The brain of this endangered species has adapted over millennia to an ideal environment without natural enemies and the amazing possibility of underwater communication. Whales are able to interact with each other for miles, guiding one another through the oceans. Their behavior and highly developed cognitive abilities show that they have very complex relationships. They express emotions directly and live out a rather open eroticism. Their playfulness and ability to enter into states that we might call psychedelic fascinate marine biologists and cognitive scientists.

Zehetbauer’s human interpretation of the characteristics of whales’ highly evolved long-distance communication will be performed at the Kongreßbad under water, and above. Visitors are invited to submerge themselves in the pool during the choreography and to indulge in Zehetbauer’s whale song.


Alex Franz Zehetbauer is a sound choreographer, performance artist and singer. He mainly explores uncontrollable elements of sound and movement that allow him to playfully create novel performance formats and sensual experiences. Some critics say he’s “an angel”, while others see him as a “monster from the swamp”. We’ll let ourselves be surprised by the controversial, multi-award winning artist. 

Image: Courtesy of Christian Schröder


Christian Schröder is the musical part of this performance duo. His musical practice is interdisciplinary: he’s interested in how sound composition can take shape in different media and in connection with diverse disciplines. As a sound artist using algorithm-based processing methods and elements of electronic improvisation, his name is well known in the world of visual and performing arts (Kollektiv RauschenRauschen).


Image: Aled Ordu, 2023.

KJOS plays music from and with vinyl records, he mixes experimental electronica with clicks & cuts, weaves spherical surfaces with deep basses, and intervenes with popular beats and rave fanfares. He finds (genre) boundaries obsolete. He loves the sun, water and swimming at the Kongreßbad.

The pseudonym KJOS, also known as DJ Bär Schaeffer, is the Viennese media and sound artist Karl Salzmann, who provides the supporting musical program at this year’s CLUB RADIOKOJE. All afternoon long, he will play one of his (now rare) DJ sets and showcase his eclectic record collection, which has become ever more extensive over the course of almost three decades.