KLANGHAIN: Symbioses and Networks

Artists: Saša Spačal (SI), Jiří Suchánek (CZ), Leslie Garcia, member of Interspecifics (MX).

KLANGHAIN seeks points of contact between nature and culture. The publicly owned Schönbornpark in Vienna serves as our urban exhibition space in the city’s greenery. This project is intended to annually showcase a variety of artistic and scientific works that curiously explore the world around us.

We ask, what if culture is actually nature? Does nature have an agentiality of its own? Are there signals from nature that enter our collective consciousness to tell us what it needs? Does nature even try to establish contact with us, or are our insights into nature more of a coincidence—perhaps even mere fictions?

The positions and artistic utopias of KLANGHAIN oscillate between poetry and scientific skepticism.  

This first chapter of KLANGHAIN 2024 in Schönbornpark, 1080 Vienna, will show three artistic approaches that deal with subterranean processes and life forms on a sonic level, as well as their symbiotic relationships with manifold others (including humans).

Curator: Lona Gaikis

Cooperation Partners: The Austrian Museum for Folk Art, Klima Biennale, Vienna.

Funded by the Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport Austria (BMKÖS), The City Council of Vienna, and The Austrian Museum for Folk Art.