ARTISTS 2023 / Josefstadt



Veronika Mayer. Image: Hui Ye.

Composer and sound artist Veronika Mayer is known as a laptop musician of free improvisation. Her working process focuses on very general properties inherent to sound. From these, she develops elaborate form-giving structures. Minimal interventions and micro-textures are characteristic of this style. A sense of stretched time emerges, in which active listening is intensified.  Hereby, she challenges us in developing an attentiveness towards the subtlest of details.


C. Hausch and Benjamin Tomasi aka Drøm have been performing as a duo for several years at irregular intervals. Their musical beginnings were cloudy improvisations of noise and melancholically reverberating guitar riffs. Their most recent joint performance was a multichannel composition for Ruprechtskirche in Vienna, a space-specific piece of live-generating and processing of light and sound.
Drøm trace their musical influences to noise, krautrock and lo-fi pop. For SONIC CELL, these influences are joined in a meandering soundscape.


Benjamin Tomasi © Moozak

Sound and media artist Benjamin Tomasi (Bolzano, Italy) works in multidisciplinary ways. His art fuses sound, sensory data, concrete materials and objects with digital, electronic and/or everyday analogue processes, and creates poetic sound installations, sculptures, videos and performances. Throughout his works, Tomasi engages with spirituality, nature, the digital overload, urban modes of acceleration, and loss of control. For this edition of SONIC CELL, he has teamed up as drøm with composer and label manager C. Hausch.


Image: Pia Reschberger.

c. hausch – Viennese sound and media artist, graphic designer and head of the MOOZAK label. – challenges the notion of space from the perspective of sound. – sound performances apply real-time signal processing to create shifting tectonic structures that envelop and absorb the listeners and transform the spatial reality surrounding them. – received a master’s degree in architecture for the thesis aural multiplicities: on how sound engenders space and how electronic technology transforms it.


Thursday, 28. September 2023, 18:30-22:00.
Schlesingerplatz, 1080 Vienna.

Curator: Lona Gaikis.