The peak of the annual Geminid Starfall takes place on the night of December 13th, 2017.

Step outside and take a look at the sky!

In occasion of this stellar event, czirp czirp has put together a soundtrack to accentuate the night and send its wishes to all secularists and natural heretics, pantheists and tekk gnostics.

May you be showered by glittering starfall and your desires be fulfilled in 2018!

Tracklist: J.G. Biberkopf: Multiecstasis (DN010 Fountain of Meaning, 2017) // Pitaloka: Menstrual Synth Drone (Not Your World Music: Noise in South East Asia, 2016) // Goner: YS2 (Yogascum, 2017) // No Symbols: No Syblmos (sic!) A SIDE (005, 2016) // Random Gods: Jabuka (DN007, 2016) // Sapphogeist: Anyway (Mar A Lago, 2017) // Holly Herndon: Body Sound (Infinite Greyscale IGR04, 2014)

Question words, regard the events!