czirp czirp welcomes back spring to the northern hemisphere!
May the spirits bring you lots of babies – figuratively and literally.

We are indeed working on a new project scheduled for summer 2018.
Before we have any more news on this activity, just listen….

Tracklist: Excerpt Data Garden (2014) // Data Garden: 4/15 (Quartet: Live at The Philadelphia Museum of Art, 2012) // N/A: A1 (BNK-010, 2016) // Excerpt Holly Herndon (2015) // Kei Watanabe: We’ve forgotten how to breathe (year unknown ) // Dabrye: Honey (Three/Three, 2018) // Day Walker: Between Worlds (Wave Force, 2017) // Lolina (Inga Copeland): Plot Twist (Lolita 2017) // Warped Plant Growing Sound Effect

Illusions make the apex of life.