ARTISTS 2023 / Hernals


Elizaveta Trukhanova

Sound artist and musician (harpsichord, organ, piano and violin) Elizaveta Trukhanova studied music in Moscow, Vienna and Linz, where she is currently completing her degree at the Bruckner University Linz (Master). She is also inscribed in the electroacoustic and experimental music program at the mdw.

Elizaveta has been involved as a musician in various projects such as Ars Electronica (Linz), Klangspuren Schwaz (Innsbruck), “shut up and listen!” (Vienna) as well as Muddy’s Open Stage (Bremen).
Elizaveta is genuinely interested in the intrinsic value of acceptance and confrontation in relation to the digital and analogue world, as well as the interplay of nature and technology. Her piece Pioneer Frogs (2023) tackles a technoid impression of nature.

Finnian Treherne

German-Czech, and British composer Finnian Treherne (*Italy) writes scores for experimental music and film. He currently studies at the ELAK, the Institute for Electroacoustic and Experimental Music, at the mdw.

Finnian’s works deal with nature and whether we humans can still be part of its intricate matrix, despite our actions, or whether we have already become something “other”. How far have humans distanced themselves from their origins, and have we even already detached ourselves from our habitat earth? His piece Photonic Forest (2023) gives an impression of this ambiguity.


Yuzu aka Milena Georgieva is a Sofia-born, Vienna-based DJ, composer and artist. Her approach towards music is unorthodox, following the lead of personal obsessions and curiosity. Her compositions involve synthesized auralities, concrete textures, and weave textures of field recordings and samples, that trace virtual and actual soundscapes.

Philipp Kleinwort (very unfortunately cancelled)

Electronic musician Philipp Kleinwort works with modular synthesis and custom-built virtual multichannel audio environments to create, play and listen to sound. He thereby explores both intersections and boundaries of sound as practical intervention and theoretical reflection. Philipp studies experimental and electroacoustic music at the University for Music and Performing arts, Vienna.

Partially funded by The City of Vienna, MA 7 Music.